Charles W. Reid Community Help Center

“Helping those in the community impacted by gun violence and poverty”


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Welcome to CWR Community Help Center

As the Founder and CEO of the CWR Community Help Center, I would like to share with you why I founded this Non-Profit in my son’s honor and my purpose and hopes in partnering with others in the community to help make this a successful resource.

I loss my son Charles Woodrow Reid to gun violence June 26, 2011. Through Prayer, Therapy, and Faith (My Power Punch for Change) I was able to overcome my Grief and Trauma. As a licensed therapist, it is my purpose to work with others in the community by offering mental health, basic needs, and literacy resources to help them overcome too! I’m so excited for the CWR Community Help Center and all the blessings that will be offered to others that are suffering in life and looking for ways to move forward. Please continue to follow us for upcoming events and fundraisers to make this vision a reality. This is for you!

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